Shared CCTV 

LEAP provides municipalities nationwide situational awareness through our community shared security camera program.
Monitor live traffic, intersections, sidewalks, public areas and more.







LEAP - Law Enforcement Awareness Program

Contact us to find out if your municipality already endorses LEAP in your neighborhood.

You may qualify to receive a plug-n-play neighborhood watch LEAPcam at no charge. 


LEAPcam Central Monitoring Station

Get a CCTV central monitoring station designed, installed and setup at your local police precinct or authorized department. Manage all your security cameras throughout your city or town from one centralized location. 

Key features: Face Recognition, Object Tracking, People Counter, License Plate Capture and more...


What is LEAP? LEAP is our nationwide community CCTV Law Enforcement Awareness Program. 

LEAP has formed partnerships with home & business owners, law enforcement, municipalities, security system manufacturers, & installers nationwide. By working together to provide situational awareness, we all make our community a safer place to live. 


Municipal CCTV Cameras

ESP specializes in Video Surveillance as a Service and offers plans to benefit your city or town. We provide dependable, affordable neighborhood watch solutions that will work for the community while keeping the city's surveillance under administrative control.

Community Security Cameras

Our security camera cloud storage provides situational awareness around your community. LEAP offers authorities an extra set of eyes with access to designated live security cameras we installed for our residential and business customers nationwide.


ESP CCTV Community Share a Cam Program  

ESP partners with local residents, business owners & municipalities to secure their community with our nationwide CCTV network of security cameras & video recorders. Our cloud storage possibilities are unlimited and designed to grow with your community. 

Law Enforcement Awareness Program - Community CCTV Neighborhood Watch

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Join LEAP Today!

Register your camera location with LEAP absolutely Free and help provide situational awareness in your neighborhood.

Your camera location will be added to our database and made available to authorities upon request.

In the event video evidence is needed, you may be able to help.

Municipal CCTV


Central Monitoring Station

LEAP offers dedicated CCTV cloud storage solutions for all your video surveillance monitoring needs.

View live cams, playback and manage all your security cameras from one central monitoring station. 

Access Control, Face Recognition, Object Tracking, People Counter, Plate Capture


Get a Free LEAPcam

Law Enforcement Awareness Program Nationwide Share a Cam Program
Support your local Police and community by joining LEAP, you may qualify to receive a free LEAPcam.

Mobile app and 30 day cloud storage plan included with all active LEAPcams.